Online Writers: Who to Read

I’m not a skilled enough writer to have my own newsletter (yet?), but here is a list of online writers I enjoy reading. Many have weekly newsletters. A few have published books (actually valuable business books. So rare!) At the least they are worth following on Twitter.

Ben Thompson at Stratechery – my absolute favorite writer about tech and business models. I’ve been following Ben since his early days of writing. His work has dramatically changed how I think about the tech industry and business models. It’s the only online content I pay for and it’s worth every penny. Even if you don’t subscribe, his free weekly article and podcast (Exponent) are incredibly valuable. Aggregation theory might be the most important theory in tech since the innovator’s dilemma (which he wrote about here). Is that enough fanboyism? Ok I’ll stop now.

Tren Griffin at 25iq –  Tren is a huge fan of Charlie Munger (as am I) and has written about him and Warren Buffett extensively. His back catalog of posts are “Lessons from ___” and are still very valuable reads. He writes a lot about subscription economics and I learned about wholesale transfer pricing from his writing.

Annie Duke at – Annie is best known for success in the poker world, but her book Thinking in Bets and weekly newsletter are great resources on how to think in probabilities and how it relates to decision making.

M.G. Siegler at – M.G. is a former Techcrunch writer and current blogger about the tech industry. His newsletters are tech-centric and include his thoughtful opinions.

Shane Parrish at Farnham Street – Shane is one of those people who are just smart and like to think about how to get smarter. His writing and podcasts are great self-improvement resources (and I’m a big skeptic of anything labeled “self-improvement”).

Mike Dariano at The Waiter’s Pad – Mike is under the radar right now, but his “Mike’s Notes” articles and podcast are great resources for real life business principles.

Dave Kellogg at – Dave is a tech guy through and through. He has a lot of great thoughts on management and is very knowledgeable about SaaS businesses and models. He’ll even post a spreadsheet example if needed.

Adam Grant at – Dr. Grant is an organizational behavior professor at Wharton. His book Give and Take is a must read. His newsletter has insightful nuggets on human behavior. His podcast Work Life is also great.

Tyler Cowen at – Dr. Cowen is an econ professor at George Mason. His website covers topics from business, econ, law, political science, and many other things. His podcast Conversations with Tyler has some incredible guests.

Morgan Housel at Collaborative Fund – I stumbled upon Morgan when he was writing for the Motley Fool. His writing would be classified as “investing”, but I it’s much more than that.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball – John is the consummate Apple blogger. His opinions on anything Apple are worth reading. His podcast The Talk Show is great as well (although at times a bit lengthy).

Trevor McKendrick at – Trevor has a weekly newsletter called  with links to interesting articles and usually a short blog style post.

Nathan Tanner at – Nathan wrote a book called “Not Your Parents Workplace”. If you are considering a career change or are a young professional, I recommend it. He also publishes a monthly personal development newsletter sharing books and articles.

For fun, I’m a huge sports fan and I visit almost every day. I read pretty much anything Bill Simmons writes (which is sadly not as much as it used to be).