Bridge Graphs in Excel

In Excel 2016, there is a “waterfall” chart that can be used to make bridges. Bridges are great for graphically showing drivers of change. It is fairly new so it can be a little buggy, but if you are like me, bridges can be cumbersome in Excel. This new chart functionality is a huge time saver!

bridge graph

Here are the instructions:

  1. Setup and highlight the data:
    bridge data
  2. Click on Insert -> Recommended Charts -> All Charts
  3. Select “Waterfall”
    waterfall chart
  4. To format the last bar to be a total, select the last bar only by clicking it twice (not double click) so only that bar is selected. Then right click and chose “Set as Total”
    bridge total
  5. Format the chart by removing grid lines, legend, and axis if desired.

A more thorough guide can be found here:

Once again this functionality only available in Excel 2016, but it’s a great way to graphically show change drivers. Let me know if you have any questions!